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Limited Editon Targui Game - Fantastic strategy Game

Language: Multilingual (Includes English, French and Dutch)
Manufactured by JUMBO International
Copyright 1998
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Targui is the singular of Touareg, the warrior race from the central parts of the Sahara Desert.  Before the Touareg were pacified by the French early this century, their weapons consisted of a large shield, a sword, spears or a lance, a dagger and a rifle.  One of the most characteristic features of the Touareg is the litham or tagalmust, worn only by the men.  This is a strip of cotton several meters long, which is wound round the head and covers the face.  Thousands of Touareg with their heavily laden camels still trek through the most inhospitable territory.  In the past, however, the Touareg, with their fast, white riding-camels, the Meharis, derived their power and riches chiefly from robbery, demanding protection money from the caravans which passed through their territory.  The game is based on this former way of life of the Touareg.

Game pieces include Territorial cards, Territorial markers, Tribal cards, (Mis)Fortune cards, 2 dice, Lots of Camels, and Pieces of silver and gold.

The objective of the game is to take possession of the entire board and drive all the other players out of the territory!  This game plays like Risk with some very interesting twists!

The game was originally released in Europe in 1988 in a very small quantity.   Recent demand for the return of such high quality Strategy games triggered Jumbo to produce this wonderful limited edition version in 1998.