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Welcome to the Monopoly Collectors' Cafe.

Monopoly Collectors of the World Unite!

This page was added to the Board Game World Website on July 22, 2002.

  • The purposes of this web page are to at least provide links to some of the other informative Monopoly related websites that may be of interest to collectors and hopefully to help Monopoly collectors share information.

  • We plan (and hope to be able) to exapand the Monopoly Collectors Cafe to include a message board and some other information sharing capability for Monopoly collectors.

  • If you are a Monopoly enthusiast and have ideas about how to make this site more fun and useful to Monopoly collectors, please e-mail us. Please make sure you mention the Monopoly Collector's Cafe when you send your message.  Thank you.

  • Come back soon and watch how the Monopoly Collector's Cafe evolves.

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    Interesting Links for Monopoly Collectors:


    Albert Veldhuis's Catalogue for Monopoly Collectors   Holland
    The Monopoly Collectors Web Ring   United States
    Hans van Maanen: Artikelen: Monopoly   Holland
    Other Addictions: Monopoly     Canada
    David the MONOPOLY COLLECTOR   United States
    Gamester's Canadian Monopoly Collection   Canada
    Monopolybase   Australia
    Richard's Monopoly Page   United Kingdom
    Chris Mospaw's Monopoly Collection and Infformation Website United States






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